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Dr Marin had a terrible traffic accident
Posted On : Jan 18, 2018

Dr Roberto Marin

I had a terrible car accident and spent more than three months hospitalized

Hello! I am Dr. Roberto Marin, the founder of Ingear.org. It has been more than four months since the last time I emailed or posted. I was involved in a terrible car accident on September 8th of 2017 and spent a little over three months hospitalized. Although I have no recollection of the accident, later I found out that another driver attempted to pass a car on a curve and hit my vehicle head on. The impact from his larger vehicle hitting mine left me trapped in my vehicle. My rescuers used the Jaws of Life to get me out of the vehicle and then transport me by helicopter to a trauma one hospital. The medical team performed three different surgeries equaling a total of 12 hours rebuilding my very broken body. The first three days in the hospital, I was connected to several machines that kept me alive. To give you a brief synopsis of my multiple injuries also known as poly trauma, I suffered more than 30 fractures including all four extremities, all ribs in addition to severe traumatic brain injury. Several nurses and doctors made the comment that most people do not survive a wreck of that magnitude, and if they do, they are many times paralyzed or much worse. I am able to walk with a walker. Thankfully, my diagnosis is that I will walk again as I did before the wreck, but it will take about a year with intensive physical therapy. Amazingly, two months after this horrific accident, my brain activity began to improve exponentially, and the severe amnesia had resolved, too. By the end of the fourth month and hours and hours of neurological testing and intensive cognitive therapies, a team of neuropsychologists were confident that my brain was rehabilitating very well, and they predicted a good outcome for me.

Just being alive is a miracle and my biggest thanks to God for that. I also want to thank the people of all over the world for investing in scientific research and doing the educational work that prepared the medical team that rebuilt me and took care of me.

If you downloaded my book PhD in the USA. Please don’t give up! Study hard and apply for admission in a university where you can reach a high caliber graduate degree. Knowing that I survived a near death accident, I am very motivated to help people find ways they can help themselves. Helping others is a very good investment. For example, do you know which the most watched videos on YouTube are? Have you noticed how people share methods to solve problems or to use a machine or software on YouTube? Those videos where the best tips are given are the most watched. Why? Because people see that those are really useful.

In order to have a good chance of truly helping your fellow neighbors with a lasting effect, you need state of the art knowledge. And, the knowledge is not only technical in your profession, it is also emotional and cultural. One way to get access to the reservoir of knowledge is getting access to a graduate education program in a university with a strong research focus that will open opportunities for you to work and learn. Today, better than ever before, there is easy and cheap access to knowledge. But to truly learn you need to experience an apprenticeship. This is where the real value of a graduate degree from a world class institution is found. I know that leaving your country is a big challenge; but you won’t regret it. Just in the United States there are close to one million foreign students. If so many have done it, why not you?

As you might imagine, I am still very injured and my mobility is limited. But if you are subscribed to the Team Ingear email list, very soon I will send you a podcast to inspire you to continue your educational journey. Did you listen to our podcast with NASA Deputy Director Msc. Sandra Cauffmann? I hope so, and there are many others that you can listen too. If you have any questions or doubts about how to study an advanced degree abroad, download my free book and if after reading the book you still have doubts, email me.

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