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All graduate students get fully funded
Posted On : Feb 19, 2017

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All graduate students get fully funded

Listen de second part here 

Part I. In this podcast Roberto talks with Dr. Dilma Da Silva, Head of the Computer Science Department at Texas A&M University. Dr. Da Silva starts by giving an insight into her job as Department Head and Professor in one of the top departments in computer science in the United States and the world. As part of this conversation we explore the rigors of being a department head and running a research group, at the same time.

“I love enabling other peoples success”

“my job is to enable the departments success and not necessarily make everyone happy”

Texas A&M is a land grand institution

Dr. Da Silva explains that institutions like Texas A&M have as a mission to be a top player in academics and research while serving the population of the State in a broader sense.

“these universities make a very good job in making the United States to get ahead”

We hold the mission of bettering the world

We also talk about the international perspective that most if not all universities in the United States have and how they hold a global mission of bettering the entire world with cutting edge education and research.

Dr. Da Silva also talks about the goals of her department in terms of research and education of the new generations of computer scientists. Topics mentioned include:

  • Data analytics
  • Big data
  • Internet of things
  • Machine learning
  • Virtual Reality

She tells us that her department also aspires to contribute to the formation of good citizens at the local and global scales.

Then we talk about ranking and the respective goals in this domain. How ranking influences the attraction of students? Having a good ranking allows us to attract the best students, and considering that the cost of living in College Station is low in comparison with other parts of the United States, some students find an advantage in studying at Texas A&M.

In this first part, Dr. Da Silva also tell us about how is the life of a professor. “If you audience is in any ways similar to me, I dreamed about traveling. What could be more glamorous that to stay in the VIP section of the airport and hotel?” she tells us.

All our students get well paid jobs…In the second part Dr. Da Silva tells us insights for students, including how to get admitted in a very competitive program like hers. In addition, she talks about her own life starting since she was a little girl in Brazil. Stay tune and don’t miss the opportunity to learn and know about this amazing professional.

One thought on “All graduate students get fully funded

  1. Thank you Dr. Da Siva for this great message and insight.
    Thank you again for contributing enormously to that mind changing Book “PHD in the USA” by Dr. Roberto.
    Even me far deep in Africa i read it, it touched me , and honestly it never left me the same. it was like a spark of the unbelievable thought …the Puzzle of tuition charges and finding scholarships in USA despite the academic capability.

    ..as a PE i now dream to join u at Texas A&M Some day. Thank you

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