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Scholarships: Ocean Engineering
Posted On : May 07, 2017

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Imagine becoming a Dr. in Ocean Engineering

Or…in any other engineering discipline…

Our guess is Altaf Taqi, a graduate student in the department of Ocean Engineering at Texas A&M University. She is from Kuwait. In this podcast we explore topics like how to deal with homesickness, the process of the doctorate in ocean engineering, the fears that could stop you from taking on the adventure of studying an advance degree abroad and, of course being a woman in a male dominated field like ocean engineering.

Video courtesy of Mr. Kirk Martin, manager at the Haynes Coastal Engineering Laboratory

Here are some of the questions that our special guess generously answered:

  •  When I met you, you were commanding a crew of men, does it come easy to you to be a leader?
  • What motivated you to become an engineer?
  • When did you start thinking about studying abroad?
  • Were you afraid or faced other obstacles in the process of leaving your country to study abroad?
  • Have you felt homesick?
  • Who pays your expenses?
  •  When you expect to graduate?
  • What are your plans afterwards?
  • What is your message to the undergraduate students that are considering studying an advanced degree abroad?

Other gems

“being an engineer is a blessing”
“through coursework I learned I have a leader in me”
“I’m lucky to be an engineer”
“I do feel homesick”
“I would encourage undergraduates to take on any chance to pursuit higher studies abroad”
“it is not academic anymore, it is about learning about other cultures and countries and learning survival skills”
Does your country have coastline? Are there enough world class ocean engineers to deal with the consequences of global warming?, or, are you waiting for the next hurricane to destroy your coast and kill thousands? Learn how to study an advanced degree for free, get our free ebook NOW!

This podcast was produced by Felipe Gonzalez in Costa Rica.

Team Ingear truly believes that improving access to the best graduate education is key for achieving development. If you share this goal, help us!

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